SAP offers a 50% credit to move to RISE with SAP or GROW with SAP through to 2024.

For any SAP customers considering RISE with SAP out there, things just took an interesting twist!

Yesterday SAP announced further support for SAP customers considering RISE with SAP or GROW with SAP, with the introduction of the Rise with SAP Migration and Modernization program.

In short, SAP customers willing to move to a RISE with SAP or GROW with SAP contract by 2024 "will have access to credits that can be applied to offset the cost of maintenance, cloud services or cloud subscription" and this concession "may reduce the cost of migration up to 50%". As part of the RISE with SAP Migration and Modernization program, SAP will also be bundling in new services and support features, most notably the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Safekeeper service, to ensure SAP customers can realise the benefit of RISE with SAP offering soonest. 

You can read the full bulletin here.

Could this be the RISE with SAP equivalent of the DAAP program for digital access? As always, the devil is in the detail and we look forward to observing if this really will accelerate customers moving to RISE with SAP or GROW with SAP and if the application of the credit goes far enough to alleviate customer concerns relating to cost and scope.

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