RISE with SAP: What’s included and what’s not

A recurring question Xactitud consultants get asked by their customers is: "If I move to RISE with SAP, what's included and excluded?"

Below, Xactitud has summarised the primary inclusions and exclusions (please note this is an evolving and non-exhaustive list):

RISE with SAP: What's included?

  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud Business Applications: Permitted use of the core solution capabilities of RISE with SAP depends on the access level the Customer allocates individuals to the Cloud Service -Advanced, Core and Self-Service. Each license (weighted differently) maps to a Full Use Equivalent ("FUE") metric that determines the licensed level.
  • 3-system landscape: Except for t-shirt size XXS, SAP provides QAS, DEV and PRD environments as part of the core Cloud Service. RAM and allocated quantities of Application Servers depend on the t-shirt size provided, which depends on the number of licensed FUEs.
  • Database: RISE with SAP includes the SAP HANA Runtime database as part of its offering.
  • HyperScaler: RISE with SAP includes a hyperscaler of choice. In other words, at no additional cost, SAP customers can select RISE with SAP on Azure, RISE with SAP on AWS, RISE with SAP on Google Cloud or RISE with SAP on Alibaba to support their SAP solutions.
  • Forms as a Service by Adobe: up to 2,000,000 Forms Requests per year.
  • Embedded Components: Starter Packs for SAP Signavio and SAP Build (Work Zone, Process Automation and Apps).
  • Support: the Cloud Service includes Enterprise Support.
  • Embedded Tools: Access to the following tools:
    • SAP Custom Code Migration App (formerly "Custom Code Analyzer")
    • Process Discovery by SAP
    • SAP Readiness Check (Existing SAP ECC customers)
    • SAP Quick Sizer (Net-new SAP customers)

RISE with SAP: What's not included?

  • The following are not included as part of the standard RISE with SAP offering but are available for additional fees :
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud Line of Business (LoB) solutions and Industry Add-Ons.
  • Application Management Services for Monitoring, Performance, Configuration, Quality and Security. 
  • Migration or Implementation Services.
  • Disaster Recovery.
  • SAP's premium support services, Preferred Success.
  • Services described in the following categories as Additional, Optional, Cloud Application Services (CAS) or Excluded in the Roles and Responsibilities Matrix.

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